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This is what some of our clients have said about our real estate legal services.

Ms. Molina, who sold her home in 2006.
You have an excellent team working with you. It didn't matter who I spoke with when calling your office -- everyone was professional, polite, easygoing, always answered my questions, and were very patient with me when I didn't understand at times. Working with you and your staff was refreshing and truly a pleasure. Without hesitation I would recommend you to all my friends.

Ms. Fischer, who sold her home in 2003.
Thank you for representing me and my ex-husband at our closing. It was quite the stressful time in my life (going through a divorce, selling a house, moving, etc.), and I truly appreciated that you communicated and returned phone calls in a timely manner. As I settle into my new little place and close another chapter in my book of life, I am so thankful for all the folks who helped me along the way. Thank you to you!

Mr. and Mrs. Finnegan, who sold their home in 2004.
You guys are the coolest, most honest lawyers I have ever met! (And I've known a lot!) Thank you for everything!

Ross Edwards, who sold his condominium in 2003.
Everything was smooth. There wasn't a hiccup in any part of the process. And when the buyer was pushing for more concessions, Tracey Rapp helped mediate between us. She was great!

Ms. Zahn, who sold her home in 2001.
Just a short note to thank you for your professionalism in handling my last closing. You were very thorough in your presentation and explained everything fully to me. All the best!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who sold their home in 2001.
We truly appreciate everything you did for us handling the sale of our Richton Park home. It made our big move so much easier knowing that you would take good care of us. We were blessed by your professionalism and friendliness. Best of everything in 2002!

Gregg and Dawn, who sold their home in 2004.
Thanks again for a job well done! We truly appreciate your integrity and professonalism! Those qualities appear to be an exception in our society these days.

Anna Priorello, who bought her newest house in 2006.
I sell my house just about every three years, and every time I do, I use Tracey Rapp's services! I couldn't ask for better help.

These are just some of our satisfied clients, but there are plenty more. If you would like to hear from more references, just let us know!

Tracey Rapp & Associates operates primarily in the western, northwestern, southwestern, and southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, including Dupage, Will, Kane, and Cook County.

The information at this site is not intended as legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice specific to your particular situation.

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